Cruising The Eby Way

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This is an article about the joy of cruising to Avalon Bay in Catalina Island, California. It is written by Gary Eby, whose new book, The Eby Way, will be released this September by

Boarding the Carnival Cruise ship, we walk up the ramp, and are impressed by the enormous size of the white boat structure with wings of red as smoke stacks. The on-board elevator quickly takes us up six decks to the Lido area

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Dreams the Eby Way

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This is an article about the power of meditation, affirmation, visualization, and the joy of taking a cruise.

After listening to the first presidential debate of 2008, I went outside to experience the mild, fresh, Oregon night. Standing on our backyard patio deck, I gazed up at the inverted, black, sky bowl. Thousands of radiant, starlight, pin-pricks danced before my eyes.

For a moment, time stood still as I basked in the comforting glow of celestial constellations. Serenity permeated the slightly cool air. Mystical visions of weightlessness and floating power, flashed through my mind.

A part of me treasured this peaceful, spiritual silence. Another side intruded with some of the mental tapes of a stressful week.

I recall one of my female clients on probation, is deeply depressed that her boyfriend continues to cheat on her and he is using Ecstasy. Another woman can’t return home to engage in counseling with her retired husband due to an assault four charge; they struggle with alcohol and gambling addictions.

A married couple with a history of Methamphetamine dependency, anxiety disorders, and explosive anger problems, couldn’t stop screaming and verbally attacking each other in my office. Another woman molested by her grandfather as a child battles daily the urge to steal useless items from local stores, constantly obsessing about the best way to kill herself.

Lastly, a young man earlier in the day was arrested and put on a suicide watch. He had a gun in his car; was homeless; dependent on alcohol; sent a text message to his family that he was ready to die. My job is to try to help all of these people.

On a more personal note, my son Jason who is 38, found out he has a major hole in his esophagus. Our other son, Kiel age 35, called to say the doctor reported he has an enlarged heart. My wife Susan also suffers from chronic hip pain, and liver disease.

All of this on my mental plate, while two United States Senators debate over the most terrifying issues of our times.

So I put the stress tapes on pause by taking several deep breaths; inhaling for three seconds and exhaling slowly for six. Then I went back inside our home, and sat for a moment on our living room couch, illumined by soft lamp-light.

Looking at the light, I allowed myself to remember the cruise we took to the Mexican Riviera on the Oosterdam in January for seven heavenly days and nights. I visualized sitting on the white deck chair looking out at the endless, dark blue, almost black Pacific Ocean.

The Sun was warm on my face. Gentle, rolling waves refracted sunlight into twinkling, diamond stars.

To my amazement, I spot a school of Dolphins jumping wildly out of the water in cadence with the slight pitching motion of our ship. These sea clowns brought a smile to my face as I sat totally enthralled by their entertainment.

In a flash the show ended, replaced again by the infinite view of the sea. Taking another deep breath of the pleasantly cool, salty air, my eyes roamed the undulating horizon.

There in the distance between our ship and the horizon, jets of sea spray cascade down like fountains from the blow holes of mighty whales. Oh my; what a glorious sight to behold.

Unfortunately, the pod of whales, vanish too quickly from my view. I feel my eyelids grow heavy with absolute peace and contentment. I surrender to a complete sense of letting go, which actually returns my focus back to the soft light in our living room.

My wife Susan has decided to go to bed. I kiss her goodnight, and I linger for a few more moments on the couch, promising to join her later.

Silently, I affirm, over and over, “I am one with you Dear Lord.” I close my eyes, and imagine the nightly starlight merges with the glittering light of the sea. A ball of this conglomeration hovers in front of me, back on the deck of the cruise boat. Smiling with relief and joy, I step into the Love-Light.

Success Coaching

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The Healing Chronicles

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Gary Eby
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Story #1. Freedom from Addictions. (Click on Image)

Story #2. Conquer Fears

Story #3. Prosperity

Story #4. Personal Development

Story #5. Discouragement

Story #6. The Power of Now

Story #7. The Eby Way

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Ten Secrets to Emotional Healing

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Secret #1.

Do you suffer from financial concerns, work related challenges, relationship problems, or parenting stress? Maybe you are struggling with one of the following: low self-esteem, lack of life direction, spiritual confusions, depression, anxiety, anger, fear, guilt, weight loss, cigarettes smoking, alcohol, drugs, or chronic pain?

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My Personal Challenge:

I’ve been back from my nature walk for a while near our home in Grants Pass, Oregon. The sky is clear and blue; temperature must be around 83 degrees with a slight breeze.

I wore my straw hat to protect my neck and face from the sunshine. And I always use my black, walking stick; carved with a mysterious sandal-colored, wizard face, who wears a long, flowing beard.

Today, I want to write an article about the power of love, life challenges, and healthy ways to meet these challenges.

My wife and I are looking forward to celebrating our thirty-first wedding anniversary in December. I will be turning 60 on September the 6th. We’ve made plans to spend a few days at the Mill Resort in Coos Bay, which is on the Oregon coast. This is one of our favorite places.

We have been through much together. I thought I would share with you one of my dark secrets: my beloved Susan suffers from chronic mental illness.

For more information on this significant life challenge, let me flash you back to April of 1987. The struggle with her mental illness had endured over the course of our first ten years of marriage:


The alarm rang: It was 5.45 in the morning; soon I’d have to get up for work. I was feelings rather snug in our warm water bed on this cold April morning in 1987. Susan as usual had rolled over on her side by the opposite end of the bed with her back towards me.

I had learned that I couldn’t hug her when she was in that position. If I tried she would usually wake up and shove my arm away.

Last summer, I remembered learning from one of Susan’s personalities that Susie had married me not Susan. Susie was warm, sensual, and sexy. Susan, in contrast, was more intelligent, sensitive, and sharing; but had trouble expressing and receiving affection.

As I lay there thinking about our struggle, Susan rolled over facing me. I knew that I could hug her now. I thoroughly enjoyed embracing Susan. With my arms around her, we start to talk:

“Gary, I’m feeling pretty agitated,” she said, holding her arms close to her chest while grabbing and letting go of her wrists over and over.

“What’s up Sweetheart?”

“Gary, I feel trapped-trapped.”


“Yes. Marge is going to trap me in my lies. I am making all of this up. I’m a liar.”

“Honey, Marge has told you that your personalities are real. You trust her; you love her. She wouldn’t lie to you.”

“This can’t be happening, Gary. I don’t believe it. My dad couldn’t do those things. I’m making this all up to explain my behavior. I am just crazy.”

“I know this stuff sounds pretty bizarre. I believe your dad did those things. I’ve seen other dads that did it to their children. Honey, you’ve got to believe this. If you
don’t, you won’t get well.”

“I won’t get well then. I’ll only believe it if my dad confesses.”

“Why should your dad confess? He’s either a very sick man who will protect himself, or he is blocking all of the memories too.”

“How do you know I’m not making this up then?”

“Sweetheart, ask Marge.”

“Yeah, I guess I could.”

“Can you tell me more about your session with Marge yesterday?”

“I was there for an hour and a half. I don’t remember most of it. Marge had me do some mental tests, like figuring out mazes and things. She asked Lois to come but Lois didn’t. I did the test myself then Lois came, but she wouldn’t tell Marge she was here. Marge found out later and had Lois do the tests.”

“What else happened?”

“I don’t know. Gary, I’m sick of all of this.” Then Susan stopped talking.

Susan got up from the bed for a moment and shook her head. She was frowning and her shoulders were hunched over. She looked angry but confused. She just let herself fall back into the bed. I knew she had changed again, and sleeping seemed to help.


So, how did we survive all of this? Well, I will tell you more about it in the future if you are interested.

For now, I’ve decided to go on a walk again. I cut through the path in front of our lovely home that takes me to the nearby golf course. The terrain is hilly with rolling verdant, manicured mounds.

Scattered Ponderosa Pines, mighty Acorn trees, and Blue Spruce decorate my view. A cascading fountain in the middle of the course refreshes my stride. Purple-green colored mountains encapsulate this glorious vision.

My walk takes me to a road behind the golf course that climbs gradually up a 45 degree incline. I feel the pleasant burn in my hips and legs as I dig down with the walking stick to increase the pace.

Before I enter the pine scented woods, twenty-seven wild turkey’s cross my path. The adult birds waddle and bob, protecting their baby chicks by their hyper vigilance.

You might ask, “But what is the first step to handling life challenges in more positive, healthier ways?”

I smile, and take in a deep breath, thankful for love, life, and the omnipresent nourishment of my soul that surrounds us all.

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